Say it isn’t so Microsoft!!!

After months of waiting and saving for my birthday present to myself, I just found out that Microsoft has killed production on the courier.

This day sucks!!!

I am sitting in an airport restaurant in Milwaukee eating the worst meal I have had in a longtime, but I’m hungry and pissed off that my flight got delayed and I missed my connecting flight I now I have a 3 hr. wait. My new flight has a 50% chance of being delayed or cancelled due to an approaching storm, so what do I do? I get online to catch-up on the news and check on my favorite gadgets and the first article I read is this, “It has been made official by Microsoft that the production and development of its tablet Courier has been terminated. Microsoft’s Entertainment & Devices division

So to sum up, I get to spend my birthday-eve in an airport, the one tech toy I wanted is dead and the sky looks like the end of the world is upon us.
Now to go find a power outlet.

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