And then there was Zune HD

I have blogged about this device before, but I am really enjoying it sooo much I had to share.

While it may be impossible to surpass the Apple hype, it is possible to make a quality product.

The Apple fan boys can say what they want (and they will), but the Zune is a superior product (I wont go into the technical details today, I’ll wait for the haters to comment). Take it from someone who owns an iPhone, an Android phone and the Zune HD. The only device worthy of my music listening time is the Zune HD coupled with the Zune desktop software and the music subscription service.

Finally I can play my music on every machine in my house and use a shared subscription on multiple devices (PC’s, xbox360, Zune HD player).

Not only am I unrestricted in my device choices, they also chose to convert purchase music to mp3 format and strip the DRM, this allows you to use the file on any device (I also sync my Android phone and iPhone). Apple will never see another dime of mine for music, it took me days to strip the DRM from music I purchase from them. It’s mine, I paid for it, why should I be restricted to playing it on Apple only devices and software?

I should also mention that credits on my Microsoft Market place account are available in the Zune software, so when I tag a song from the built in radio and add it to my shopping cart, I can make the purchase once I have internet access on the device or from my computer.

My only complaint is that with the unlimited access to this much music, it’s hard to pick 10 to keep each month.