G1 vs. iPhone vs. Windows Mobile

Ok, so here’s the real deal, they are both fantastic steps in the right direction but neither offer much more than was already available via Windows mobile devices. Let break it down shall we:

  1. Touch screen – The only addition is multi-touch. After you get over the wow factor, you soon realize that other then zooming into things, it doesn’t do much; in fact in some cases you’ll wish you could turn it off.
  2. App store – Well if you like being forced to only shop in one place, then it’s a good thing. The guys at Google did the same, but also allowed other parties to sell as well outside of their store (Amazon for example). Apple takes a cut of every transaction on the iPhone. In the Windows mobile world, purchasing apps from hundreds of store and developers has been around from day 1.
  3. Accelerometer – This is probably the only real innovation, but not as innovative as you would think. All it really does it let the device know its orientation, easily duplicated and already a part of most of the devices available on the market.
  4. Web browser, email and contacts, etc. – Old hat for all of these devices and even older ones.
  5. Bluetooth – A failure on both Apple and Google, why do it at all if you can’t do it right. Even the cheapest Nokia smart phone has full Bluetooth compatibility. Windows Mobile devices can even sync over Bluetooth.

About the only thing that gives the G1 or iPhone an edge over Windows Mobile devices is the willingness of developers to make cheap new apps, it is here that Google has taken a bold step in allowing everyone to get the SDK and an emulator to play with. Their openness gives them and edge of Apple who daily fights with developers and have dictator like control over what goes into the app store. Microsoft seems to be falling behind, but if you look closely you’ll notice that they have changed their concentration and are targeting new markets (Windows mobile embedded vehicles for example). They are poised to take the world by storm with the Surface technology and have formed some strategic alliances along the way that should make both Google and Apple worry. They’ve shown that they are not the sleeping giant with the recent ad wars with Apple (I’m a PC), frankly Apple got schooled, their adds are now seen as insulting to the majority of computer owners instead of a compelling reason to buy a Mac,

Hopefully this week I’ll post some pictures of with the G1 and iPhone in action, but already I can tell you the G1 is faster, more reliable and more solid than the iPhone, oh and did I mention “COPY AND PASTE”, it’s good to be able to do that again.


Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

No iPhone indeed, but let’s give credit where credit is due, Nokia is the McDonalds of cell phones, you won’t get a gourmet meal, but you will get great value for your dollar.

Look, the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic has everything, including fully functional Bluetooth (music via blue tooth headset, Bluetooth data synchronization and file transfer), Video recorder, voice control, video calling (this is fantastic and works unlike some other implementations I’ve seen), SD card slot, MMS, Wifi, GPS, native support for multiple file formats including WMA without having to convert (you just drag it to the folder on the device), web browser (that does not just shut down on you), and works and feels like a Nokia (rugged, can take a beating, I’m on my 2nd iPhone).

I think they hit this one out the park; it has all the things we had hoped Apple would have delivered. Yes, it’s no iPhone, but what does that mean? The only failing here is the touch screen technology, it’s like the Verizon devices, not as sensitive but it works great. My only wish is that they include HD radio like the 5310 in the next version of this phone.

Oh, and did I mention 16 days on standby, 1.5 days of music play. I just came back from a business trip; there is nothing worse than running out of juice after 2hrs.

As cool as the iPhone is, this phone is real competition and will take significant market share from Apple.

RIM, Google, Microsoft, HTC, and now Nokia, I think we’re gonna have fun this winter, even if the economy is down the tubes, this is one tube I’d love to own.

Decide for yourself; take a look at the specs – http://www.nokiausa.com/A41271075

What’s the Score?

Level of Difficulty Low
Worth it? Yes!
Longevity Long
Cost $200

Mac vs PC

Ok, enough already!

People, there are no differences in what they can do! Don’t believe the hype! There are essentially the same.

The facts:

  1. The hardware is the same (Intel processors, video cards from the same manufactures, SATA drives, etc.)
  2. You can blow away the Apple OS and install Visa or XP on the Mac hardware and vice versa. Just lookup Psystar or look at these links:

    Apple is more restrictive as to their OS, but it can be done.

  3. There is nothing and I mean nothing you can do on a Mac that you can’t do on a PC and vice versa. Neither is better, take it from me, I use them both
  4. Windows is a bigger target, hence the number of attacks, both from viruses, hackers and vocal Apples users, but Apple is not safer, in fact I would argue that it may be less safe as the people who believe they are safer take less precautions and there is less scrutiny so discoveries of issues are less known. For example, there is a way to hack into OS X, change the administrative password in under 3 min. I won’t post how to do this, but I have done it. You can’t do the same with this method on a PC running Vista.
  5. Apple is smaller and quicker to change. Baloney! What Apple has is better advertising (well used to have better advertising, the “I’m and PC add from Microsoft are very good and the tag line life without walls is catching on”). We all bought the hype about the iPhone, hook line and sinker, the truth is, from its launch to now, every few months there is a major update to correct flaws, flaws they don’t speak of in their white papers, instead we have to wait for hackers to decipher. If they were quicker we would have copy and paste on that device now and oh yeh, working Bluetooth. If Microsoft had as many firmware updates to fix flaws on a device we would all switch to Apple.
  6. Mac’s are more expensive. True! You can purchase the same level of hardware for less. Take this one up with Steve, I can’t explain why.
  7. Microsoft stole from Apple. Baloney! It’s a Graphical interface, and both companies do rigorous user acceptance testing. What works best usually wins, these guys are about selling products and gaining market share, not who is unique.
  8. Microsoft owns part of Apple. True, but not enough to make it Mac-rosoft.
  9. Apple machines don’t crash or freeze as much as PC’s. False. With a smaller footprint, you have fewer complaints because you have fewer people producing hardware and software, hence less chances for things to go wrong. The way Apple addresses system failure is different as well, on the Windows platform you get a very detailed error message (the blue screen of death) on the Mac you get a bomb or a sad face. When an application crashes on the Mac or iPhone it just shuts down (quits), sometime you get a message, sometimes you don’t, and on the PC you get a delay then an error message that you have to click ok to get past.
  10. The Apple OS has a Linux base, true and Vista still has a DOS interface for legacy applications
  11. Vista is slow. False, the issue here is that you can install it on almost any XP class machine. With the Mac OS there are far more restrictions for base hardware level for the new OS, so you can’t just upgrade to the latest OS. Microsoft’s openness in this regard is their downfall as people with old hardware install a new OS that demands more horse power will experience poor performance.
  12. Windows has more applications and is better for business. True for the moment. Because Microsoft is more open with its OS, developers have an easier time creating, and yes, there are more business applications available, this is one area that Apple is far behind on. In fact they did not have an Enterprise division until recently.
  13. The iTouch is better than the Zune. It depends on what you consider better. The Zune has more features (radio and wireless sync) and is more stable, but the iTouch is cooler with its touch screen. They both do a great job of playing music, but with the Zune’s software it’s easier to manage a music library, iTunes is slow and a bit rigid to work with on the PC. The Zune is not Apple compatible, but the iTouch can be used on either OS. Both of these devices fall short when it comes to external add-ons, such as battery changing, memory card slots, and with the iPhone 2G, head phone selection, but the Zune software, which is based on Windows media player, can be used with non Zune hardware and recognizes music you add to your folders without you having to drop them into the applications. I will go into this in greater detail in another post.
  14. AppleTV vs Xbox 360 or Tivo . . . . that will be in my next post